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Jun 20, 2021

Theft Prevention Diversion Safes – Secret Compartment Valuables Stash Launched

Protection Bay has announced the launch of a wide range of diversion safes available online that offer cost-effective protection from burglars for small, high-value items.

Jun 20, 2021

Sacramento CA Modular Industrial Storage Solutions – Automated Delivery Launched

Northern California representation of Modula, a leading manufacturer of automated storage solutions for industrial businesses, has been launched by bmh equipment, a company located in Sacramento, CA.

Jun 20, 2021

Modern Kitchen/Living Room Wall Hangings – Online Decor Collection Launched

KlassProducts launched a new collection of kitchen and living room decor pieces made by the brand HomDcorKP. The online retailer offers affordable vases, wall hangings, and homeware products.

Jun 20, 2021

Encouraging Sisterhood Through Women-Owned Businesses

HER-MINE Celebrates One Year AnniversaryMiami, Florida Jun 20, 2021 ( - Committed to catalyzing self-care for women everywhere, HER-MINE has provided self-care lifestyle boxes for women for almost a year. Their namesake family member Hermine Ricketts Carroll made strides after years of fighting for the right to plant an organic vegetable garden in her yard which resulted in the passing of a Florida law. It became clear to the gardening guru that this was a significant advancement for those who used nature as part of their self-care routine. Hermine's spirit has transcended many and continues to do so through the business of her sister and niece. The mother-daughter duo, Pam and Trudy, created a way to uplift their family member's memory while also continuing her passion for all things beauty, health, and wellness with a box that combines everything into one.   HER-MINE has cultivated a way to enhance women's lives by taking gifts to the next level through the discovery of unique wellness items with each subscription box sent right to their door. Their belief is simple, it's time you do something for you, and they know just the thing. At HER-MINE, get exclusive, high-quality products of all things lifestyle, wellness, and beauty from primarily small women-owned businesses. As a team, it's imperative that they promote accessible self-care through their boxes. Women are constantly busy and on the go, which makes HER-MINE that much more a treat. Everyone deserves a reward to remind them of the great work they have been doing. This women-owned business is continuously working hard and inspiring people to do better when it comes to their wellness. When customers open a package from HER-MINE, they get a thrill of product discovery that sends them on a personal mission towards self-care.   With July being Hermine Ricketts Carroll's birthday month, the month the Florida law she fought for was enacted, and HER-MINE'S first anniversary, the brand is continuing to expand its business and the work they do to incorporate other women-owned companies. Hermine was known as a trailblazer for being the only black female architect in the state of Florida in the '80s, and started HER Architects Inc. It is in that spirit that her niece and sister continue her mission to support other women-owned businesses around the globe through micro-loans via their HER-MINE Sisterhood Leading Team administered by   Working with both independent small businesses as well as well-known brands, HER-MINE has so much to offer. A box of treasures straight to your doorstep is just one easy way that you can pamper yourself. Use this subscription to treat friends and family and provide them with the gift that really keeps on giving. HER-MINE aims to inspire and encourage women from all walks of life to own their unique journeys and embrace both their inner and outer beauty each day. Through this subscription box, subscribers can experiment and discover new products and amazing vendor partners included in their monthly self-care box and celebrate more years to come. For more information on HER-MINE, visit and be sure to follow them on social media @myherminebox.  Media ContactHER-MINEtrudy@her-mine.com786-708-9623 Source :HER-MINE This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

Jun 20, 2021

Zeppelin Dao Seizes the IDO Scene to Vet and Platform Top Crypto Launches

Zeppelin Dao Initial DEX Offerings (IDO's) are to be vetted for launch on their new platform made for only the most promising new companies of the crypto scene.

Jun 20, 2021

Stretchr Amazes Customers with Unique New Abstract and Landscape Canvas Prints is the home of stunning, unique art print. They have been established with one simple goal, to bring customers the best selection of gloriously good Canvas Prints, Art Prints and Wall Art

Jun 20, 2021

Beauty Brand Wins Beauty Bible Awards 2021 Silver – Day Moisturiser Category

Bare Faced Skin a UK Black Owned Brand won Silver in the Beauty Bible Awards 2021 - Day Moisturiser Category - 2021 saw the highest number of entries in the Beauty Bibles 25 year history.

Jun 20, 2021

GCMF The rising star of the blockchain trading platform track

The digital economy is an intelligent stage characterized by the deep mining and integrated application of blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data. In the face of new social conditions, the digital economy is booming, giving full play to the benefits of technological innovation and changing the current technology The way of application is to give play to the empowering role of technology to society. Under the wave of blockchain technology, the breakthrough in the financial field is epoch-making. Various forms of "blockchain+" applications have been launched. Blockchain technology has accelerated the development of digital assets. In the future, digital currency will be at the core of the development and competition of the global digital economy. As a "transit station" for various digital asset currencies, blockchain exchanges are an indispensable part of the entire blockchain ecology, and the future development trend is bound to be all-round. Now that the GCMF exchange is hotly launched and the advent of GCMF, the digital economy market has begun to revitalize. GCMF Exchange has quickly become a pioneer in the digital era, targeting the world's largest digital asset trading platform. Because of the openness of the Internet and the continuous upgrading and renewal of blockchain technology, the currency circle is changing very rapidly. Every time the currency circle has gone through a period of time, there are always new concepts that burst into the market. Every popular concept is an opportunity. The popularity of the model currency has allowed more currencies to take the path of the model, and instantly ignited the entire currency market. As a rookie of the blockchain trading platform, GCMF wins with the most innovative gameplay and system at the moment, and realizes the two-way income generation of investment nodes! GCMF Exchange builds a full range of blockchain application scenarios to communityize digital technology and finance. Compared with the innovative solutions of blockchain projects, the most important upgrade of GCMF is the token based on smart contracts in a decentralized environment. GCMF Token is the only token issued by the GCMF blockchain asset trading platform. This is the most important support point of GCMF's use value. Users who hold GCMF can deduct transaction fees and can also enjoy the deflation due to repurchase. The appreciation can also participate in GCMF's subsequent ecosystem construction process. Token technology can not only create new assets, but also conduct autonomous transactions on behalf of non-current assets. On this basis, the decentralized mechanism is responsible for potentially untrustworthy users, assets and transactions, ensuring that all central participants cannot grasp or control the underlying logic of asset transactions. The five blockchain complete solutions of distributed, encrypted, non-tamperable, tokenized and decentralized, on the whole, GCMF exchange has the following major advantages: 1. Decentralization: direct transactions by players or investors without the intervention of a third party, making transactions more convenient, fast and transparent, and optimizing resource allocation; 2. Good user experience: GCMF exchange directly faces customers, puts user needs in place, and pays more attention to user experience. In addition, it also provides customers with more value-added services to ensure user stickiness; 3. Open platform, symmetry of information: the core of many traditional industries to make money is to use the asymmetry of information, and on the GCMF digital asset trading platform, direct transactions between the two parties are more timely, fair and transparent; 4. Currency trading: GCMF exchange provides currency trading functions. Through currency trading, you can exchange one type of blockchain asset for another type of blockchain asset. There is no transfer or settlement of legal currency involved, which solves the digital problem. The flexibility of currency transaction conversion makes the exchange between various currencies faster and more convenient; 5. Contract transactions: Users can conduct contract transactions on the GCMF exchange, set stop-profit and stop-loss according to certain parameters, determine the rise and fall, two-way trading on both sides, risk controllable, and reasonable positioning of positions. 6. Compatible and scalable: Any individual and institution can freely transfer, borrow, trade, issue assets and issue their own smart currency, futures, etc. on this GCMF exchange. It is also possible to quickly build a centralized, low-cost, high-performance cryptocurrency/stock/precious metal exchange, acceptance gateway, and asset management platform based on this platform. Since last year, digital currencies such as Bitcoin have been regarded as a reasonable hedging tool to a certain extent, and their risk-averse properties have been further strengthened, and the entire crypto market has ushered in a relatively good development. With this trend, GCMF has also achieved unprecedented development. The DeFi promotion must have strengthened the market's demand for GCMF. The currency circle is a magical place. Some coins have doubled several times when you still don't know anything about them. In particular, the emergence of the DeFi ecosystem has given a boost to the currency market and boosted the development of the currency market. GCMF has become the premier platform in the DeFi system, with a very broad space and application scenarios. The future development is worth looking forward to!

Jun 20, 2021

Top 10 Vancouver Luxury Areas: Shaughnessy Named #1 by B & L Real Estate Group

10 Top Vancouver Luxury Home Locations based on current real estate market data of luxury homes and properties.

Jun 20, 2021

CleanToShine Announces an Affordable End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne Wide

CleanToShine helps tenants effectively clean a rental home prior to a landlord inspection. End Of Lease Cleaning Melbourne End Of Lease Cleaning Melbourne MELBOURNE, Australia - June 21, 2021 - ( CleanToShine has been serving end of lease cleaning Melbourne wide for the past 12 years. During this period, the company has helped many tenants in their tenancy period and ensured their full bond amount. Sometimes the tenants stay in the rental house for six to eight months and leave the apartment unclean. Such a situation becomes stressful for the landlords, and they have to pay the house cleaning company, which is unprofessional. Every tenant should take the responsibility of handing over the rental apartment clean and after necessary services. Tenants who are busy with office work should hire professional lease cleaners for assured cleaning. On the other hand, tenants who find enough time to clean every corner of the rented house should also approach the professionals. They should choose professional vacant cleaning services because it saves time and money, professionals have smart equipment and techniques, maintain professionalism and relationship, and most importantly, it is within budget. CleanToShine, as the most trusted vacate cleaning firm, offers four packages to tenants looking for affordable services. The end of lease cleaning price for Melbourne starts from $160.00, and there will be no extra charge for the weekend. Not only does the company end of lease cleaning, but they also do house cleaning, oven cleaning, carpet cleaning, gutter cleaning, and even flea treatment all within budget. They have highly trained and experienced cleaners who use strictly chemical-free products to save the environment, pets, and humans. The company guarantees a 97% bond back amount with professional end of lease cleaning services. From 2009 to the present day, the company has handled and completed several lease cleaning projects. Their dedication and perseverance towards the work make them the most recommended ones in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. In addition, they ensure thorough cleaning of the rental house so that the landlord can sell it to the next tenant. Press Release Service by Original Source: CleanToShine Announces an Affordable End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne Wide

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