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May 14, 2021

Los Angeles CA Content Marketing Online Expert Mass Exposure in Media Arrived

Los Angeles-based SEO and digital marketing agency Loge Media has launched a new range of reputation management solutions that include news articles, blog posts, podcasts, slideshows and videos.

May 14, 2021

Introducing Entrepreneur’s New Online Approach for Gaining Rapid Market Share

Introducing Entrepreneur's new online approach for gaining rapid market share. One of the world's foremost internet marketers shows a new and highly effective approach to earning money online at Click Yours:

May 14, 2021

Sunlight Cleaning launches Deep move in cleaning service in NYC due to the return of New Yorkers to permanent residence

Sunlight cleaning services has recently announced the launch of a new additional service in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The company owners did it because people, who had moved to other places during the spreading of COVID-19, returned to New York.New York City, New York May 15, 2021 ( - The city came to life again, and people finally began to return to live in New York permanently. That is why, given the customers' current needs, Sunlight Cleaning Services is ready to provide a very deep cleaning of houses, apartments, and studios for those absent for an extended period. The company created such a service because its owners want to help New Yorkers return cleanliness to their homes after a long period without cleaning. A deep move in cleaning service is significant when entering a new house or apartment. It can help secure health in the context of the ongoing COVID pandemic. This type of cleaning is now in great demand among the company's customers, who are aware of the need for such a precautionary measure. Deep disinfection is a complex process that requires the severe approach of specialists. In addition to visible to the human eye objects of animate and inanimate nature, various microorganisms inaccessible to perception surround us. They have a serious impact on human lives. Today, during the spread of the COVID-19 virus, disinfection of premises, frequently used surfaces, cars, and public places has become a necessity. Now Brooklyn and Manhattan residents can work and live in safe conditions, without fear for their health and the health of their employees. Sunlight Cleaning Services implements the most effective anti-virus prevention system in the fight against COVID-19, namely thorough cleaning and deep disinfection. According to ISO standards and sanitary norms, professional cleaners will undertake sanitizing cleaning and disinfection with certified means. Also, they will conduct very deep cleaning services. If necessary, the cleaners can also use a steam cleaner. The treatment of the premises with a disinfectant in the form of a mist is suitable for hard-to-reach places. While disinfecting rooms with steam, the trained experts use professional equipment with observance of safety measures. About Sunlight Cleaning companySunlight Cleaning NY company is a professional housekeeping company located in NYC. Sunlight Cleaning provides professional cleaning services in the field of professional house and apartment cleaning. Sunlight Cleaning positions itself as "flexible, reliable and affordable". The company is known for processing information taken from the feedbacks of the clients and improving services based on it.Media ContactSunlight Cleaning NYinfo@sunlightcleaningny.com212-920-59661 E 2nd street apt 1107 Source :Sunlight Cleaning NY This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

May 14, 2021

Mount Pleasant SC Custom Diamond Engagement Ring/Jewelry Design Options Updated

Dreams to Reality Designs updated its range of custom-created jewelry options to provide Mount Pleasant clients with quality one-of-a-kind diamond engagement rings at affordable prices.

May 14, 2021

San Bernardino CA Microsoft Power BI Tailored Software Solutions Announced

Software Produx, available at (800) 719-4409 and based in San Bernadino, CA, has announced custom Microsoft-based software solutions development services for large and small businesses.

May 14, 2021

Jersey Village TX Plumbing/Garbage Disposal Repair – Expert Services Launched

Spring Branch AC, a leading name in HVAC repair, is proud to announce plumbing solutions and garbage disposal repair for customers in Jersey Village, TX, and the Greater Houston Area.

May 14, 2021

Pittsburgh ADA Compliance For Websites Design Expert Marketing Services Launched

Pittsburgh, PA digital marketing agency Digital Intent Marketing released an updated ADA compliance for websites design solution for local businesses across sectors.

May 14, 2021

Home Relocation – Local/Long Distance Moving Services to any Destination in US

A US-based residential and commercial moving company launches updated services for individuals and families relocating to any local or long-distance destination in the US.

May 14, 2021

Recall of Durisan Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

Updated Lot Information SARASOTA, Fla. - May 14, 2021 - ( Sanit Technologies LLC d/b/a Durisan is updating its previously announced voluntary recall of Durisan Non Alcohol Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer products that became contaminated with a common municipal water supply borne bacteria, Burkholderia contaminans. Use of a hand sanitizer contaminated with Burkholderia contaminans, generally considered to be of low virulence, can range from no reaction to possible infections in a person with a hand wound or scrapes because the bacteria could enter the bloodstream, especially in patients with compromised immune systems. In the April 10, 2021 announcement, Durisan expanded the recall to include all of its Hand Sanitizer products that had not expired (produced after 4/10/2019). Durisan discovered that promotional orders as well as small run production lot numbers which were not listed were intended for inclusion in the recall. For clarification, listed below are all affected lot numbers. Customers or consumers in possession of Durisan Non Alcohol Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer products with these numbers in any form factor are encouraged to contact Durisan. To date, no qualified reports of adverse reactions have been reported related to this recall. The product is intended to be applied topically to help reduce bacteria on the skin that could cause diseases when soap and water are not available. The product is packaged in sizes ranging from 18mL credit cards, to bottles sized in 118, 236, 300 and 550 mL and 1000mL wall mounted dispenser refills. At this time, we are including lot numbers of promotional orders, wipes, and private label products. The lot number can be found in black print on the bottom of the package. Durisan Antimicrobial Solutions Hand Sanitizer Sizes With the Following Identification Volume mL Volume oz. UPC NDC 18 0.61 8 52379 00614 1 71120-112-01 118 4 8 52379 00634 9 71120-112-10 236 8 8 52379 00635 6 71120-112-11 300 10 8 52379 00697 4 71120-112-08 550 18.59 8 52379 00620 2 71120-112-06 1000 160 (160 Ct Wipe) 80 (80 Ct Wipe) 240 (240 Ct Wipe) 33.81 5.63 2.81 8.44 8 52379 00610 3 8 52379 00631 8 8 52379 00632 5 8 52379 00633 2 71120-112-05 71120-111-01 71120-111-02 71120-111-03 The list of the lot numbers of the recalled products is included below. Durisan has provided written notification to its distributors and retailers and is alerting consumers via this voluntary recall. Consumers that have the product are advised to contact Durisan to return it. Consumers with questions regarding this recall can contact Durisan at 941-351-9114, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Eastern time, Monday through Friday or by email at Consumers should contact their physician or healthcare provider if they have experienced any problems that may be related to using this drug product. Adverse reactions or quality problems experienced with the use of this product may be reported to the FDA's MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program either online by regular mail or by fax. Complete and submit the report Online External Link Disclaimer Regular Mail or Fax: Download form External Link Disclaimer or call 1- 800-332-1088 to request a reporting form, then complete and return to the address on the pre-addressed form, or submit by fax to 1-800-FDA-0178 This recall is being conducted with the knowledge of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Source: Sanit Technologies Company Contact Information Consumers: Durisan 941-351-9114 Lot Numbers DHS051420A1-S DHS041519A1-S DHS051520A1R1-S DHS041519A2-S DHS052020A1-S DHS041519A3-S DHS052020A1R1-S DHS041519A4-S DHS052020B1-S DHS041519A5-S DHS052020B1R1-S DHS041519A6-S DHS052020C1-S DHS042919AR1-S DHS052020CR1-S DHS043019AR1-S DHS052220A1R1-S DHS050319A4-S DHS052220B1-S DHS053019A1-S DHS052620B1-S DHS053019A2-S DHS052720C1-S DHS053019A4-S DHS052720C1R1-S DHS053019A5-S DHS052720D1-S DHS053019A6-S DHS052820B1-S DHS070219A1-S DHS052820C1-S DHS070219A2-S DHS052820D1-S DHS070219A3-S DHS052920A1R1-S DHS070219A4-S DHS052920B1R1-S DHS070219A5-S DHS052920C1R1-S DHS070219A6-S DHS060120A1-S DHS070219AB-S DHS060220A1-S DHS080219A1-S DHS060320C1R1-S DHS091819A1-S DHS060520C1R1-S DHS030920A1-S DHS060520F1R1-S DHS030920A2-S DHS060820E1R1-S DHS030920A3-S DHS061220A1R1-S DHS031020A4-S DHS061920B1R1-S DHS031020A5-S DHS062220C-S DHS031020A6-S DHS062320B1R1-S DHS031020A7-S DHS062420B1R1-S DHS031020A8-S DHS081120A1-S DHS031120A1-S DHS081220A1R1-S DHS031120A2-S DHS081420B1-S DHS031120A3-S DHS081420B3-S DHS031120A4-S DHS081420B6-S DHS031120A5-S DHS081420B8-S DHS031120A6-S DHS081720A3-S DHS032820B1-S DHS081720A5-S Press Release Service by Original Source: Recall of Durisan Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

May 14, 2021

Climet Announces Introduction of the CI-97 Microbial Air Sampler With Data Integrity and New Advanced Features

CI-97 Microbial Sampler CI-97 Microbial Sampler REDLANDS, Calif. - May 14, 2021 - ( Climet Instruments Company, a Division of Venturedyne Ltd, (herein 'Climet') the leading manufacturer of high quality cleanroom particle counters and microbial samplers, today announced the introduction of their CI-97 microbial air sampler. Climet Instruments Company is very proud to announce the introduction of the CI-97 microbial air sampler. What makes the CI-97 unique is the light ring, which is user configurable in five colors and a selection of display patterns that indicate operational status and alarms. Also, sample data records include: Date, Time, Unit ID, User ID, Model#, Serial#, Program Name, Location ID, Sample Volume (L), Flow Rate (LPM), Sample Type (Continuous or Segmented), Number of Segments, Sample Duration (start and end timestamp with duration), Alarm Status, Calibration Date, and Calibration Due Date. There is an onboard sample memory buffer capable of storing 50,000 records; and provides a User Audit Trail; 5 User Access Levels; plus 300 Programs, 300 User ID's, and 1,000 Location IDs (Factory Expandable). Sample data records can be exported through a USB port (disabled by Admin or factory), a RS-232 serial port, or wired Ethernet (telnet). Similar to Climet's particle counters, sample data easily integrates into Lonza MODA and other Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) without the need for middleware. The CI-97 platform provides users the most advanced architecture. Per BS EN 17141, § E.5.2, the calculated d50 = 1.08 µm, and the experimental d50 According to Mr. Jesse Layman, Engineering Manager at CLIMET, "The CI-97 has a fully integrated mass flow sensor, which provides flow control that constantly monitors the flow rate ensuring the instrument maintains its calibration. The CI-97 also incorporates a HEPA filtered exhaust that helps mitigate cross contamination. In addition to advanced user and data integrity features, the CI-97 is the only microbial air sampler that during development was drop and vibration tested to ensure ruggedness, reliability, and product longevity." He continues, "Other unique features include pdf reports such as GMP reports, audit logs, stored data, and program settings. The instrument is optionally sold with User Authenticator™, which allows users to logon via their network's Active Directory. The CI-97 is compatible with Network Time Protocol (NTP) ensuring all sample data records will be contemporaneously recorded. Finally, the CI-97 air sampler is easily managed with unit-to-unit cloning." Said Mr. Jim Strachan, General Manager of Climet, "The CI-97 has a stainless steel enclosure and weighs only 7 lbs. The cell-phone type display (pinch-to-zoom and swipe) allows for easy reading of reports, and a pop-up keyboard allows for simplified programming. We are very excited about the new architecture and patent pending or patented new blower technology, and expect to release a number of other enhancements and innovative features in the months to come. With regulate firmware updates available at no additional charge, customers can rest assured that their Climet microbial air sampler will always remain in compliance and ahead of its peers."   For more information, please go to Climet is currently accepting customer pre-orders and production is anticipated to begin before June 15, 2021. About Climet Instruments Company Founded in 1962, Climet has been engaged in the manufacture of environmental monitoring equipment for use in cleanroom environments (particle counters and microbial samplers). Differentiated by quality, accuracy, and assurance… Climet offers users unparalleled service, return on investment, and the lowest Cost of Poor Quality (CoPQ) on their monitoring instrumentation. Related Links Media Contact: Jim Strachan, General Manager Tel/ +1 (909) Press Release Service by Original Source: Climet Announces Introduction of the CI-97 Microbial Air Sampler With Data Integrity and New Advanced Features

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