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Sunlight Cleaning launches Deep move in cleaning service in NYC due to the return of New Yorkers to permanent residence

May 14, 2021

Sunlight cleaning services has recently announced the launch of a new additional service in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The company owners did it because people, who had moved to other places during the spreading of COVID-19, returned to New York.

New York City, New York May 15, 2021 ( - The city came to life again, and people finally began to return to live in New York permanently. That is why, given the customers' current needs, Sunlight Cleaning Services is ready to provide a very deep cleaning of houses, apartments, and studios for those absent for an extended period. The company created such a service because its owners want to help New Yorkers return cleanliness to their homes after a long period without cleaning. A deep move in cleaning service is significant when entering a new house or apartment. It can help secure health in the context of the ongoing COVID pandemic. This type of cleaning is now in great demand among the company's customers, who are aware of the need for such a precautionary measure.

Deep disinfection is a complex process that requires the severe approach of specialists. In addition to visible to the human eye objects of animate and inanimate nature, various microorganisms inaccessible to perception surround us. They have a serious impact on human lives. Today, during the spread of the COVID-19 virus, disinfection of premises, frequently used surfaces, cars, and public places has become a necessity. Now Brooklyn and Manhattan residents can work and live in safe conditions, without fear for their health and the health of their employees. Sunlight Cleaning Services implements the most effective anti-virus prevention system in the fight against COVID-19, namely thorough cleaning and deep disinfection.

According to ISO standards and sanitary norms, professional cleaners will undertake sanitizing cleaning and disinfection with certified means. Also, they will conduct very deep cleaning services. If necessary, the cleaners can also use a steam cleaner. The treatment of the premises with a disinfectant in the form of a mist is suitable for hard-to-reach places. While disinfecting rooms with steam, the trained experts use professional equipment with observance of safety measures.

About Sunlight Cleaning company
Sunlight Cleaning NY company is a professional housekeeping company located in NYC. Sunlight Cleaning provides professional cleaning services in the field of professional house and apartment cleaning. Sunlight Cleaning positions itself as "flexible, reliable and affordable". The company is known for processing information taken from the feedbacks of the clients and improving services based on it.

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