Italy's 5-Stars suffer in local elections as League surges

ROME — Italy's anti-immigrant League party has helped the center-right post a strong showing in local and administrative elections, while its partner at national level, the 5-Star Movement, suffered setbacks.

The anti-establishment 5-Stars didn't win the mayorship of Ivrea, the northern Italian hometown of 5-Star strategist Davide Casaleggio, or either of the two municipal seats up for grabs in Rome, where 5-Star Mayor Virginia Raggi triumphed two years ago.

Experts say the 5-Stars are paying the price for their alliance with the right-wing League that has alienated their moderate and left-leaning flank. The 5-Stars had triumphed in March 4 national elections thanks in part to defections from the traditional center-left Democratic Party.

The Democrats seemed surprised by their own strong showing Sunday.

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